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🌟 HealthTech Meetup: Discover the Future of Healthcare! 🌟

📅 Date: August 29

Join us for an insightful evening with industry innovators who are transforming the way we approach health and wellness.

🔍 Spotlight on our esteemed speaker - EmPlastrum

Redefining skin health:
- Innovating wearable medical devices 🦠🔬
- Home treatments for various skin conditions made easy and effective 🏡💡

🔗 Register Now: Be a part of this groundbreaking meetup and dive deep into the future of HealthTech.

Click here to register:

Don't miss out! Join the movement towards a healthier, tech-driven future. 🚀🩺


🎉 Experience the future of innovation at Imaguru Startup Hub!

Imaguru Startup Hub cordially invites you to witness innovation at its best on August 23. Discover startups that are redefining the future and be a part of their growth journey.

This is your golden opportunity to:
💼 Engage: Connect with talented entrepreneurs, budding startups, and industry experts.
💡 Learn: Witness some of the most innovative ideas and understand the trends shaping the future of the industry.
🤝 Invest: Uncover potential investment opportunities among the startups pitching.
📈 Foster: Support the startups ecosystem and help cultivate a thriving business environment.

Whether you're an investor eyeing new ventures, a business owner searching for synergies, or simply an enthusiast interested in the startup ecosystem, this event is tailor-made for you.

Don't miss out on the chance to participate in the shaping of tomorrow's business landscape! Click on the link in bio to secure your spot.

Register here:

Remember, your presence can make a significant difference in these startups' journeys. We look forward to seeing you there!

#PitchImaguru #PitchCompetition #Imaguru #Business #Networking #Warsaw

🎙 Ready to play a part in shaping healthcare's future by guiding the next generation of innovators?

Come join us at the HealthTech Hackathon!

As a mentor, you will be in a unique position to steer young entrepreneurs through the complex world of healthcare. Your experience and wisdom can foster innovative solutions and help emerging startups thrive.

Help us redefine healthcare and cultivate the future of HealthTech.

📅 Dates: September 15-17
📍 Format: Warsaw/Hybrid

Register now:

Let's ignite transformation together! ✨

#HealthTech #Hackathon #Mentorship #EITHealth #Imaguru

Запрашаем на 3-дзённы інтэнсіў па кам'юніці-менеджменце!

🗓У Вільнюсе 16-18 жніўня з 14.00 да 18.00, Imaguru HUB
*можна анлайн

📩Каб забраніраваць месца, далучайся да чата курса

🕒Колькасць месцаў абмежавана.

🪄Удзел бескаштоўны!

Курс складаецца з:

- Дызайн супольнасці. Дар’я Сталь - сааўтарка кнігі «Сіла супольнасцяў» і праграмы курса ў Неталогіі.
- Стварэнне цікавага кантэнту. Кацярына Пытлева - журналістка, праграмная дырэктарка Malanka Media.
- Кейс Нацыі лідэраў: мэтавая аўдыторыя vs супольнасць.
- Сістэмнае развіццё супольнасцяў. Іван Омелян, эксперт і ментар па развіцці супольнасцяў.
- Канфлікты: як ператварыць праблемы ў пункты ўзросту. Станіслаў Ботвін, медыятар і фасілітатар, які правёў больш за 100 медыяцый.
- Планаванне фінансавай стабільнасці кам'юніці. Аліна Яблонская - спецыялістка па фандрайзінгу.
- Новыя тэхналогіі ў інтэрнэт-супольнасцях. Майк Ананьін, архітэктар пастаноў у лічбавай эканоміцы і кіраванні.

Арганізатар: ROY.TEAM

🚀 Can your skills or ideas revolutionize diagnostic challenges in HelathCare?

Imaguru, in collaboration with EIT Health, introduces the HealthTech Hackathon - a platform to reshape the healthcare landscape.

Whether it's addressing diagnostic complexities or creating innovative technologies, seize this chance to put your groundbreaking ideas into practice and instigate real change.

We are on the lookout for talented professionals from varied backgrounds like design, development, AI engineering, and testing. Have a brilliant idea you're itching to unveil at a hackathon? Come along! Even if you're without a specific idea but possess expertise in design, coding, AI, or testing, we're eager to embrace you.

What's the reward? Besides the opportunity to forge life-changing solutions, enjoy benefits such as post-hackathon mentoring, complimentary coworking spaces in Warsaw, Vilnius, and Madrid, and so much more!

When: September 15-17
Format: Warsaw/Hybrid

Sign up now: Imaguru HealthTech Hackathon
Unleash your innovative spirit and let's collaboratively craft a healthier future! 🌐💡

#HealthTech #Hackathon #Startups #Innovation #EITHealth #Imaguru

🚀 Support Soula Care from Imaguru Global on Product Hunt 🚀

Soula Care, an innovative platform that leverages AI to offer 24/7 mental support for parenthood and pregnancy. The platform guides parents through every step of their parenthood journey, using official resources and doula expertise. 💕🤰

The founder's personal story makes Soula Care even more inspiring. She faced postpartum depression after her second child was born. Thanks to support from her friends and family, she came through, and Soula became a personal project for her, sharing love and empathy. This journey led her to pitch her startup at Viva Technology 2023 in Paris as part of the Imaguru Study Tour. 🌍✨

If you're a parent or planning to become one, try the application today and share it with those who might benefit.

Vote for Soula Care on Product Hunt and let's make mental support for parenthood and pregnancy accessible to all. Click the link below to find out more! 🌟

#SoulaCare #ParenthoodSupport #ProductHunt #ImaguruGlobal #VivaTech2023

🌟 If you want to boost your startup's visibility then you should... ​

​...participate in Pitch Imaguru on August 17 at 6:00 PM! 🎉 Showcasing your startup's vision before a panel of established investors and business tycoons can be a game-changer. 💡

Pitch Imaguru offers you:
🚀 Recognition: Establish your presence among peers, pioneers, and potential investors in the industry.
💼 Connections: Forge connections with international business enthusiasts and industry thought leaders.
💡 Insight: Gain invaluable advice to refine your strategy and hone your pitching skills.
📈 Matching: Attract possible investors in attendance at the event.

If the spirit of competition and entrepreneurship sparks your interest, reserve your spot through the link.

Let your journey begin here!

P.S. Remember, the victors of our previous #PitchTournament secured their spots at #TechChill in Milan. Seize this opportunity and vie for the upcoming reward from Imaguru!

​If you're intrigued by the chance to observe these pitches and connect with promising startups, we invite you to join the competition as a visitor. Registration is available using the same link provided.​

#ImaguruVilnius #PitchImaguru #Networking #Entrepreneurship #PitchingCompetition

😊 Looking for guidance on your new venture or eager to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs?

Come be a part of our Imaguru Startup Networking Event at the Imaguru Startup Hub in #Vilnius! 🔥

Mark your calendars for August 10 at 6:00 PM for an engaging networking event with other ambitious individuals from the startup landscape 💼

This event serves as a platform for meeting prospective team members, investors, and mentors that could fast-track your startup's growth 🌟

Make the most of this unique chance to broaden your network and interact with other passionate professionals in the industry. We can't wait to see you! 👋

Reserve your place using the link!

#StartupNetworking #Imaguru #Business #Networking #Vilnius

🌟 TeenGuru Business Camp - a free educational program for teenagers from Belarus in Warsaw and Vilnius! 🌟

TeenGuru Business Camp is an entrepreneurship course for teenagers from Belarus. We help them adapt, make friends, and gain valuable knowledge. Our goal is to help teenagers connect with peers who are in a similar situation and overcome loneliness. 🤝🌍

The courses are conducted in the form of six offline sessions using various teaching methods, including games, workshops, and group work. We cover the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, business idea generation, design thinking, business models, marketing, PR, digital marketing, financial basics, and public speaking. 🎯💡

Throughout the program, teenagers work on their own business projects with mentors from the Imaguru community. At the end of the course, participants present their projects. 🚀👥

TeenGuru Business Camp is implemented as part of the Imagine Y project with the support of Imaguru Startup Hub and the European Union. 🌟🤝

To participate in the program, please fill out an application on our website:

In case of a large number of applications, selection will be based on motivational letters. The selection results will be communicated at least 10 days before the start of each camp. 📝✉️

Would you like to support our project? You can share your experience with our students, help them with their projects, or promote our courses to your employees and followers. To get in touch, please email us at 💌🤝

TeenGuru Business Camp (Warsaw) - 14/08 - 19/08
TeenGuru Business Camp (Vilnius) - 21/08 - 26/08

🧐 Seeking advice for your venture or keen to network with fellow entrepreneurs?

Join our Startup Networking Event at Imaguru Startup Hub #Warsaw! 🔥

We welcome you on July 26 at 6:30 pm for a rapid-fire networking session with other entrepreneurial enthusiasts within the startup ecosystem 💼

This gathering provides a golden opportunity to encounter potential collaborators, financiers, and mentors who could accelerate your startup's progress 🌟

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to expand your connections and engage with other driven professionals in the field. We're excited to meet you! 👋

Secure your spot using the following link.

#StartupNetworking #Business #Networking #Warsaw

💡 Boost your startup and scale your AI knowlegde with our partners - @googleforstartups! 🚀​

​Apply to Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First! 🌍 From personalized mentorship with Google's industry experts, invaluable deep dives into product design, business growth, and leadership development, to Google product credits for your tech stack! ​

​Plus, you'll have the opportunity for exposure to potential partners, VCs, and investors interested in AI-first tech startups. 🤝💼💰​

​🔥📆 If you are demonstrating traction between Seed and Series A stage, don't miss out, applications close July 30th! ​

​Learn more about the programm and apply now by the link.

​#GoogleForStartups​ ​#AIFirst​ ​#AI​ ​#Startups​ ​#MachineLearning​ ​#TechStartups​ ​#AcceleratorProgram​ ​#Innovation​ ​#Entrepreneurship​ ​#ApplyNow


🔥 Канструктар. Хакатон натхняльных праектаў

Цэнтр новых ідэй запрашае маладых беларускіх лідараў і лідарак (18-35 год) прыняць удзел у Хакатоне, які пройдзе з 14 па 16 ліпеня ў Варшаве.

Табе дакладна да нас, калі маеш ідэі праектаў па адным з 4-х кірункаў і хочаш запусціць іх у дзеянне:

🔸 актывісцкія праекты
🔸 сацыяльныя праекты
🔸 урбаністычныя праекты
🔸 медыйныя праекты

На Хакатоне ты навучышся пераўтвараць ідэю ў гучныя актыўнасці, расціць іх да ўзроўня праектаў і нават ініцыятыў. Апроч работы з ідэямі павучымся рабоце з штучным інтэлектам у межах стварэння кантэнту, патрэніруемся ў public speaking і працуючых інструментах прасоўвання ў медыя.

🏆 У кожным з накірункаў будзе вызначаны па 1-ым праекце-пераможцы, які атрымае менатрскую і грашовую падтрымку для рэалізацыі праектаў.

🔗 Падаць заяўку на ўдзел можна па спасылцы.


​🔊 Gear up for the National Projects Hackathon from July 14-16 in Warsaw! 📅​

​Our partners at the Center for New Ideas are on the lookout for active young Belarusians brimming with innovative project ideas.💡​

​The focus is on four key areas:​

Activist projects 📣
Social projects 🤝
Urbanistic projects 🏙
Media projects 📰
Here's your chance to transform your ideas into reality, learn how to work with artificial intelligence for content creation, brush up on your public speaking skills, and learn the ins and outs of media promotion. 🚀​

​The winning project in each category will not just "win", but also receive mentoring and financial backing for implementation. 💸🏆​

​Ready to make an impact? Click the link to submit your application NOW! 📩 The deadline is extended.​

​#Hackathon #BelarusianYouth #Warsaw #Innovation #Leadership #Activism #SocialProjects #Urbanism #MediaProjects #AI

Empower your healthcare startup with our partners Google for Startups

💡Join The Growth Academy: AI for Health! This unique three-month program is designed to equip promising startups with the essential skills for growth, internationalization strategies, and Google tools to scale up like never before.

Key benefits include:
✅ Equity-free support
✅ Custom mentorship from Google and AI experts
✅ Strategic support for your AI, company, and product
✅ Hands-on leadership training
✅ Guidance on expanding globally
✅ Networking opportunities with VCs, industry leaders, and fellow founders

🔍 The program is open to Series A startups based in Europe looking to leverage AI to tackle health or wellbeing challenges and scale internationally.

🗓 Mark your calendars, the application deadline is July 10! Learn more about the program and apply by the link.

#GoogleForStartups #AIforHealth #HealthTech #StartupGrowth #ScaleWithGoogle

🤔 Are there any burning inquiries regarding your venture or are you seeking to establish connections with individuals who share your mindset?

We're thrilled to announce our forthcoming Startup Networking Event and we're eagerly anticipating your attendance 🔥

Mark your calendars for July 4th at 6 PM, and prepare for a whirlwind of quick-fire networking interactions with fellow startup enthusiasts 💼

This occasion offers an excellent chance to engage with potential business collaborators, investors, and mentors poised to accelerate your startup's growth 🌟

Don't let this exceptional opportunity to broaden your connections and mingle with other driven figures in the sector slip away. We're excited to welcome you! 👋

Please follow the link to register.

#StartupNetworking #ImaguruVilnius #Business #Networking #Vilnius

What skills are fundamental for successful mentorship?

Join our uniquely designed free training program, where you'll learn how to:

🎯 Ask powerful questions that provoke thought and catalyze growth in your mentees.
🎯 Hone your listening skills, enabling you to tap into your mentees' needs, aspirations, and potential roadblocks more effectively.
🎯 Share your own journey and experiences through signature stories that can inspire, guide, and provide real-world insights to your mentees.

Seeing your mentees thrive thanks to your guidance is one of the most rewarding experiences in the startup ecosystem. And we want you to feel that.

Join us and make a lasting impact!

📍 Where? Imaguru Startup HUB - Vilnius and Warsaw, and online on the Imaguru platform.🗓 When? June 29, from 10:00 to 18:00.

🔗 Register here.
Let's shape the future of entrepreneurship together! 🚀

#Mentorship #StartupMentor #Entrepreneurship #Training #ImaguruStartupHUB

⚡️ Supercharge Your Mentorship Skills with Imaguru's Free Training for Mentors 🚀

At Imaguru, we have honed the art of mentorship through experience - with a track record of mentoring over 300 startups. We understand the challenges startups face in their growth and development stages, and how crucial the role of an effective mentor is in influencing this process.

📣 Join our free training program crafted for those who aspire to dive deep into the enriching art of mentorship. As the result you will:
- develop your mentoring skills;
- understand the roles and responsibilities of a mentor;
- learn techniques to build trust with your mentee, and more.

We believe that by supporting mentors, we can unlock real benefits for their mentees, helping them achieve even better results from their efforts.

📍 Where? Imaguru Startup HUB - Vilnius and Warsaw, and online on the Imaguru platform.
🗓 When? June 29, from 10:00 to 18:00.

Invest a day to become a beacon of guidance and empowerment for tomorrow's entrepreneurs.

Register by the link

See you there! 🙌

#Mentorship #StartupMentor #Entrepreneurship #Training #ImaguruStartupHUB


📢 Ознакомьтесь с программой TeenGuru Business Camp! 🌟

Что вас ожидает на TeenGuru Business Camp? Мы подготовили уникальную программу, наполненную практическими мастер-классами, обучением на основе игр, групповыми заданиями и многим другим. Мы охватим различные аспекты предпринимательства, начиная от генерации бизнес-идей и заканчивая искусством публичных выступлений.🗣🎯

И самое главное - все абсолютно бесплатно! Не упустите эту возможность получить знания, обрасти связями и расти.

Ознакомьтесь с программой и подайте заявку по ссылке.

Ваше будущее начинается здесь! 💪🌍


📢 Check out the Agenda of TeenGuru Business Camp! 🌟

Get a glimpse of what awaits you at the TeenGuru Business Camp! We have a stimulating agenda filled with hands-on workshops, game-based learning, group work, and more. We cover various aspects of entrepreneurship from business idea generation to public speaking.🗣🎯

Best of all, it's absolutely free! Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.

Check out the program and apply now!

Your future starts here! 💪🌍

🌐 Intrigued about how Apple Vision Pro might transform the AR/VR industry? 🕶

Join us at the Imaguru Business Breakfast on June 30th at Twarda 14/16, Warsaw 🗓📍

Engage in an eye-opening discussion titled, "How Perspective is Apple's Vision?" where we'll deep-dive into the implications of the new Apple Vision Pro on the VR/AR industry. 🍏⚡️🕶

Our speaker for the day, Mitya Sorkin, co-founder and creative director of Feeling Digital, is a veteran in immersive projects. He will guide us through this captivating subject.

Inviting startup founders, tech enthusiasts, brand managers, and marketing specialists who are interested in the AR/VR landscape - all are welcome to join us and explore this industry's future. 🚀👥🎯

Here's the plan:
10:00 - A delicious Business Breakfast w Mitya Sorkin, followed by a Q&A session. 🍳☕️
11:00 - Open networking session, an opportunity to create valuable connections. 💬

Grab this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on Apple's game-changing vision and its potential impact on the AR/VR industry. Register now through the link.

See you in Warsaw! 👋

#ImaguruBusinessBreakfast #AppleVisionPro #VR #TechEvent #Warsaw 🚀🌐🎉

Happy birthday, Nastia!

The whole Imaguru team wishes your birthday to be a time of joy, laughter, and celebration of all your achievements ⭐️💫

Cheers to another year of exciting successes and growth for Imaguru Startup Hub under your guidance!

What a day we've had at Viva Tech in Paris! 🇫🇷

The Imaguru team and startups from our community have been busy networking. We've had some fantastic chats with investors, corporate partners, and major ecosystem influencers. 🤝

Our time has been packed with learning about the French tech scene, building new partnerships, and pitching our ground-breaking ideas. It's been a day full of connections and inspiration! 💼💡

Our very own founder and CEO, Tania Marinich, had an interview with FRANCE 24. A moment of pride for us all! 🎥

But we're not slowing down. Tomorrow, we're hosting a special event - Imaguru Demo Day at Viva Tech for the brightest startups from Eastern Europe. 💥🚀

We're inviting all investors, corporations, and venture players to join us. Come meet the innovators behind some of the most promising Eastern European startups. 🌍🤝

Register by the link:

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