Classical forms

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Aesthetics of classical art

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The Academy of Athens, designed in 1859 by Danish architect Theophil Hansen, quite fittingly employs the architectural language of ancient Greece: an example of Greek Revival architecture in the heart of the Greek capital.

Antiquity with modern interior design by Sara story.

Photo by Joshua McHugh

Leptis Magna Capital of Asia Minor type.

Photo by Maxim Atayants

Ivan Kramskoi
"Reading" 1866
Portrait of the artist's wife

Beautiful Audrey Hepburn

Music by Xalax

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Hotel Castello Di Reschio in the heart of Umbria. Italy

Video by venelin_k

“Only England could have produced her… She was the perfect English rose… She had such an exquisite unreality about her.”
-Diana Vreeland, fashion editor and columnist on Vivien Leigh

📷 Vivien in 1941, photographed by Cecil Beaton

Aesthetics of the combination of brick and golden light.

Schwarzman Center at Yale University. RAMSA transformed the historic Commons and three floors of the adjoining Memorial Hall into a campus social hub.

📷: Francis Dzikowski/OTTO

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Santuário da Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. ⁠

Located in Lamego, Viseu, Portugal. The enormous staircase with 691 stairs crosses the hill to reach the Sanctuary.⁠

It has nine decorated levels with pyramids and statues, namely the Courtyard of the Kings and some fountains.⁠
In 1750 the Sanctuary was designed by António Mendes Coutinho and the construction was complete in 1782.⁠

The staircase took over 200 years to complete; the design was initially drawn up in 1777 and building continued from 1781 until 1969.⁠

⁠Video by bokehm0n

"Gonzaga Cameo"

Is a three-layer sardonyx cameo, one of the best examples of ancient glyptics.
It is a couple portrait. Most likely, this is an image of the Hellenistic pharaohs of Egypt - spouses who were both brother and sister - Ptolemy II Philadelphus and Arsinoe II. Made in the III century BC by an unknown author in Alexandria of Egypt.

Interesting fact:

The onyx from which the cameo is made has a hardness of 6-7 on the Mohs scale, about the same as window glass and the best modern tool steels. Ancient artisans worked such materials with tools of inferior hardness, using corundum powder with a hardness of 9. Experts estimate that it would take more than a decade to make a cameo using this technique.

Villa Doxi Stracca in Puglia, Italy

Villa is nestled in 5 acres of grounds with vineyards, olive groves, and formal gardens. The lush grounds are set back from the villa, accessed through an impressive arch from 1800, bearing the inscription ‘Villa Valentino’, after the Naples-based noble family who inherited the property in 1800.
The arch beautifully frames the 60-foot swimming pool set below the handsome facade of the baroque chapel, and the villa comes with a second private pool in a walled courtyard accessible from one of the suites.
Inside, several connected reception rooms with vaulted ceilings offer respite from the Puglian heat.

Photo by Francis York

Lady Margaret Thatcher

by Bern Schwartz
24 May 1977

10 Legare Street (House), Charleston County, USA.

Photo by Mary Miller

Antwerpen-Centraal railway station, Belgium.

The station is widely regarded as the finest example of railway architecture in Belgium, although the extraordinary eclecticism of the influences on Delacenserie's design had led to a difficulty in assigning it to a particular architectural style.

In 2009, the American magazine Newsweek judged Antwerpen-Centraal the world's fourth greatest train station. In 2014, the British-American magazine Mashable awarded Antwerpen-Centraal the first place for the most beautiful railway station in the world.

The station is used in Agatha Christie's Poirot episode "The Chocolate Box" to represent a station in Brussels

Goddess in gold V 2.0

Artificial intelligence creates more and more perfect characters. Created by midjourney.

Ouse Valley Viaduct

Known for its ornate design, the structure has been described as "probably the most elegant viaduct in Britain. 1841

Ancient Palmyra, Syria
photo by Maxim Atayants

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