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10.12.2017 20:58
13 Jun 2018, 20:00 (1314 дней назад)
Dear friends! We invite you to the summit, which is orginized by our collegues from Armenia.
**Sevan Startup Summit** is the right place to be! It gathes 400 startups and 200 Industry Representitives.

If you are a startup and you want your startup to grow, summit is your chance!

20 applicants will be selected and be divided into two booster tracks. Based on the nature of the business. In each track, there will be mentors, speakers, business experts and field representatives. By the end of the week-long macro acceleration program, 3 teams from each track will be selected and they will compete in Booster Final Battle, with the prize fund of $10,000.

Battle for you share of $50K US in prizes and up to $100K US in investment. Creat your own path to the first Armenian **acceleration**

You can find all information here: