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10.12.2017 20:58
9 Jun 2018, 20:01 (996 дней назад)
PandaDoc is coming to Imaguru! 🐼🐼🐼

Hosted at Imaguru Startup HUB, PandaDoc Investor conference will bring PandaDoc’s investors, employees and Belarusian startup scene together.

We expect:

- Ho Nam of Altos Ventures;
- Scott Irwin of Rembrandt Ventures;
- Leo De Luna of Microsoft Ventures;
- Igor Ryabenkiy, Altair VC;
- Bakhrom Ibragimov, EBRD


16:00 — Registration opens
16:30 — Opening Remarks by PandaDoc
16:15 — Guest’s Speech
16:45 — First 5 selected pitches
17:15 — Break
17:45 — Next 5 selected pitches
18:15 — Closing
18:30 — Networking

Please join us June 12, 2018 in Minsk, Belarus