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Automatics & Robotics 20 Oct, 18:29
Escape Room Decoder Box
Escape Rooms are awesomely fun activities which are highly engaging and great for teamwork.

Have you ever thought about creating your own Escape Room? Well with this decoder box you can be well on your way! Even better have you thought about using escape rooms in education? We have and students love using them to learn, revise and engage with the material.
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Automatics & Robotics 18 Oct, 18:29
Arduino Due R3 ATMEGA16U2/CH340G
• Microcontroller: AT91SAM3X8E
• Operating voltage: 3.3 V
• Input voltage (recommended): 7 – 12 V
• Input voltage (limits): 6 – 16 V
• Digital I/O pins: 54 (of which 12 provide PWM output)
• Analog input pins: 12
• Analog outputs pins: 2 (DAC)
• Total DC output current on all I/O lines: 130 mA
• DC current for 3.3 V pin: 800 mA
• DC current for 5 V pin: 800 mA
• Flash memory: 512 KB all available for the user applications
• SRAM: 96 KB (two banks: 64 KB and 32 KB)
• Clock speed: 84 MHz
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Automatics & Robotics 16 Oct, 19:05
Weather Based Music Generator (ESP8266 Based Midi Generator)
I'll explain how to make your own little Weather-based Music generator.

It's based on an ESP8266, which is kind of like an Arduino, and it responds to temperature, rain and light intensity.

Don't expect it to make entire songs or chord progressions. It's more like Generative Music people sometimes make with Modular Synthesizers. But it's a little less random then, it does stick to certain Scales for instance.
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Automatics & Robotics 14 Oct, 16:44
Matrix 16*16 Pixel 256 Pixels WS2812B
Good quality, colors are very nice. Arrived in less than 3 weeks with normal Aliexpress shipping. Works well with Arduino.
Automatics & Robotics 13 Oct, 15:52
Челябинск - самый мемоёмкий город в мире по мнению Юрия Дудя! Хочешь узнать почему? На этом канале ты найдешь ответ на свои вопросы. Как уже второму по счёту губернатору удаётся сбежать с миллиардами в Лондон? Почему Челябинск заслужил звание города в состоянии экологического бедствия? Как губернатор Текслер стал инстраграм-звездой? Когда на город упадёт еще один метеорит? Почему тут живут самые суровые мужики? Челябинск - город который СМОГ!
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Automatics & Robotics 12 Oct, 18:30
Arduino Magnetometer
What are we building?
Humans can't detect magnetic fields, but we use devices that rely on magnets all the time. Motors, compasses, rotation sensors, and wind turbines, for example, all require magnets for operation. This tutorial describes how to build an Arduino based magnetometer that senses magnetic field using three Hall effect sensors. The magnetic field vector at a location is displayed on a small screen using isometric projection.
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Automatics & Robotics 10 Oct, 17:42
Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3
Fast shipping. Sensitive parts packed in static bags. Everything fits nicely in the box. Everything as shown. Very satisfied.
Arduino Watch Core
This Instructable show how to use a square color display and Arduino dev board build a watch core.

This will cover the topics of dev board selection, display selection, extra modules selection, UI design, performance tuning, and power saving.
80W LCD Electric Soldering iron

Product Description
Soldering iron Specifications:
Voltage: AC220-240V OR AC100-130V
Power: 80W       Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature Range: 180~500℃/356~932℉
Temperature Stability: ±5℃
Heating Type: Wmore Ceramics Element
Soldering Iron Tips: 900M-B1.2
Wire Length: 1.4m / 55.12in
Soldering Iron Size: Approx.242*25*25mm/9.6*0.98*0.98in
Soldering Iron Weight: Approx.96g/3.4oz
Package Size: Approx. 254*55*35mm/10*2.2*1.4n
Package Weight: Approx. 139g / 4.9oz
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How to Make a Self-Watering IoT Planter With a Mason Jar and an ESP32!
This project has a long list of Tools and Materials. Because of this, I've divided the list into sections so you can see what materials are required, depending on the part of the project you are building. I've also provided Amazon links to each product, so you can easily find the parts you need.
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🔥🔥🔥Скоро новый сезон NBA💪!! Не пропусти!!🏀🔥🔥🔥

Подписывайся на канал и следи за матчами, результатами, игроками!! 🏆
👉 👈
👉 👈
👉 👈
Много видео, новые фото, интересные мнения. Присоединяйся!
RM113D NCV Digital Multimeter
Very nice multimeter. Quite small. Good for small house/car/RTV repairs. Very fast delivery. Packaging could be better. It arrived in a simple envelope.
Automatics & Robotics 30 Sep, 17:45
DIY Geiger Counter With an ESP8266 and a Touchscreen
I designed and built a Geiger Counter - a device that can detect ionizing radiation and warn its user of dangerous ambient radiation levels with the all-too-familiar clicking noise. It can also be used when scouting for minerals to see if the rock you found has Uranium Ore in it!

There are many existing kits and tutorials available online to make your own Geiger Counter, but I wanted to make one that is unique - I designed a GUI display with touch controls so the information is displayed in a pretty way.
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Automatics & Robotics 28 Sep, 17:55
Flsun 3D Printer / High Precision / Large printing size 260*260*350mm / 3d-Printer Kit / Hot Bed / One Roll Filament / Sd Card
The printer works great after assembly. Defaults in firmware are correct for motor directions so check motor and limit switches are connected correctly, paired if issues. Need to load Arduino to a PC, adjust extruder steps. Use repetier host and make a mark on filament by extruder motor, drive back 100mm in repetier (manual, extruder axis) and measure. Divide this number in mm by 100(expected) and in Marlin configuration file, search on "steps" and find the extruder steps parameter. Multiply it by your above result and amend the file. Be sure to also calculate autolevel z probe sense offset and load to Marlin, fix Marlin probe_bed_position back and right values (250 recommended) Download. Run home then G29 command to autolevel again, it should spread over more of the board's span.
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Automatics & Robotics 26 Sep, 21:55
How to Setup Fingerprint Sensor With Arduino
The fingerprint sensor we are using is an Optical Type, there exists two more types of sensor like capacitive which can be found in smart phones and ultrasonic ones, which are yet in testing phase, and both these options are expensive, so we will focus on this optical type for this hobby electronics and similar projects.
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Automatics & Robotics 21 Sep, 17:54
Automatics & Robotics 19 Sep, 09:12
➡️ @BMW_4_YOU ⬅️
Automatics & Robotics 18 Sep, 22:30
Getting Started with Sony Spresense and Zerynth
Sony's new Spresense boards offer exciting new capabilities - and Zerynth Studio makes it easier than ever to program them!
Automatics & Robotics 18 Sep, 17:27
👨🏻‍💻 Geek? Like Arduino, DIY and Generative Art?

Take a look at this channel with plotting machines @drawbot_art
🔥 Beautiful patterns generated by Processing and made by DIY Polargraph and EleksDraw.

🚀 Join and enjoy the way how artificial Intelligence makes real art!
Automatics & Robotics 17 Sep, 20:13
Репост из: Automatics & Robotics
❓You often ask me where I buy parts and tools. In this post, I answer once and for all. Selection of large and trusted stores:

👍Shops of electronics components :
Great Wall
Model Home (various small things and details)

⚡️Custom PCBs :
PCB prototype (most popular store)
Shengxin Electronic

🔥Arduino, components and modules:
RobotDyn (the best arduino boards and accessories)
Advanced Tech
keyestudio Official Store

💥For soldering :
UG International Supply Store (for hakko t12 )
QUICKO Store (best prices for soldering stations)
Instruments World Store (soldering stations and tools)

Nozzles, cutters, drills, burs
Screwdrivers and screwdriver sets + bits
Magnifying glasses / microscopes
Measuring instruments
Working knives and scalpels
For welding
Crimping tool and sleeves
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